The Happy Side Of Sad by Fred Lowery




1/17/93 A.M.

Thank you Laura.

A recently national speaker was asked what was the most difficult address he ever had to give. He said, "Well that's easy they ask me to speak at a National Undertaker's Convention and they assigned me the topic, 'How to Look Sad at a $10,000 funeral'. Well I am going to talk about the Happy Side of Sad. The Happy Side of Sad. We are in Matthew Chapter 5; we are dealing with the Beatitudes, the attitudes that ought to be in your life. The Beatitudes are the attitudes that ought to be in your life. Now we are not talking about smogsaboard, we are not talking buffet, pick n choose, we are talking about all of these Godly characteristics ought to be present in all of our lives all of the time. That's the goal. God sets a standard. Last week we talked about Blessed are the pure in spirit. Well theirs and theirs alone is the kingdom of Heaven. He wasn't talking about the poor spirited, the passive, the negative, the down in the mouth group, no. He wasn't talking about the poverty stricken. Jesus had much to say about poverty. He had a special relationship with the poor and He alsowarned about riches. He said it was very difficult for someone with wealth to get to Heaven, because we have a tendency to depend upon our wealth and not upon God. He was not talking about poor spirited or poverty stricken. He was talking about a spiritually condition, an attitude of a life. He was talking about spiritual bankruptcy.

Blessed happy, we translate the word Blessed to be happy. Happy are those that recognize they are bankrupt before God. Who recognize their total dependency upon God. That in and of themselves they are helpless to be happy or to be holy. And it were Blessed to discover it is a really unique word it really describes the character of God the qualities of the Christian life, its God living in your life. Its a Greek isle, a Makoria word, the word Makorio ...

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