The Unpardonable Sin by Fred Lowery

MATT. 12:22-34

MATT 12:22-34

Unpardonable--so harsh, so final

Not a person here who would commit the unpardonable sin to seal your eternal destiny to hell if you knew that it was happening. Yet many are on the very brink of such a sin.

In front of every unsaved person is an unssen line--a deadline.

If he crosses it, though now in this world, his is just as lost as though he had already entered into hell.

There is a time, I know not when
There is a place, I know not where
Which marks the destiny of men to heaven or despair.

There is a line by us not seen that crosses every path.
It is the hidden boundary
Between God's mercy and God's wrath.


1.It is not a moral sin!

2.It is not a mental sin!

e.g. Dumber than the devil

3.It is a spiritual sin

"to blaspheme against the H.S." to blaspheme = to reject or speak hurtfully against.

A common sin:biggest lie of Satan--the more gospel you hear
the closer you get to God and the easier it will be to make a decision.

The unpardonable sin is going to church, hearing the gospel, feeling the urge and power and having the audacity to say no--I am not ready to come. I'll come when I get ready.

Not verbal insult
Attitude of the heart

It is the soul striking out. It is man destroying his own ability to receive Christ.

e.g. Physical. It is possible for a person to delay treatment of a disease until it becomes incurable. Up to a certain point it could have been conquered--but now no remedy.

In Our Text
Jesus had healed a blind & dumb man--double miracle couldn't deny miracle--had to explain it away--work of a demon should have been rejoicing but blind in soul.

Appealed to their reason

Very nature of his work, not in collusion with the devil but in collision. Proved stronger than the devil by wrestling this man from his grasp


Unpardonable si ...

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