Teaching The Elephant To Dance by Fred Lowery

Organizations are like elephants
Slow to change
Trainers shackle young elephants with heavy chains to deeply embedded stakes. By conditioning the elephant learns to stay in its place. Older elephants never try to leave even though they have the strength to pull the stake and move ahead. Their conditioning limits their movements with only a small metal bracelet around their foot - attached to nothing. Organizations are bound by conditioned restraints. "We've always done it this way is as limiting to an organizations progress as the unattached chain around the elephant's foot.

Success ties you to the past. The very factors that produced today's success often create tomorrow's failure. e.g. Xerox, Sears

Empowerment Creates Change:
Needing change doesn't make it happen. People must be mobilized behind the change. Great reservoir of talent, creativity and energy found in your people. Help them believe what they think and do is important and let them do it. Help them focus their energy on new ways. Get people to create the change.

Leaders Create New Tomorrows
Circle the wagons. Hunter down and look to survive the crises, right? Wrong! Play to win, attack.

Three Prerequisites:
1.New Strategies

2.Key People

3.Focused Resources

It takes guts to change, but - if you don't - the economic end is no less certain, only more painfully time consuming.
Executives often have to make tough decisions quickly including firing top leadership, even a long-time friend and give hands on attention until the new direction is established.
you are getting.
Change is a continuous process for all growth driven organizations.
Vision Focuses and Energizes that New Tomorrow:
It is the key to mobilizing support. Vision is the picture that drives all action. The essence of leadership.
Includes deeply felt values and a picture of the organization's strategic focus.
Vision must be arti ...

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