God's Plan for Success by Ike Reighard

God's Plan for Success
Ike Reighard
John 6
February 13, 1994

I. A problem creates a demand.

A. Problems are platforms for God.
Every miracle I know of in Scripture started as a problem.
**Walking on water -- a storm.
**Healing lepers -- physical.
**Healing blind
**Healing lame

Problems simply bring us face to face with our deficiencies so that we will view God's sufficiency as our only alternative.

B. Demand exceeds our supply.
Like finances.
When God steps into our circumstances, miracles happen.

C. God can supply all of our needs.

II. The problem opens doorways.

A. Temptation to despair.

B. Testing to

III. The prospects that suggest dependence.
A. Prospects were slim.
B. Faith is the sowing of the seed of faith.
Faith releases God's limitless resources.

IV. ...

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