Success Principles and the Power of the Scriptures by Ike Reighard

Success Principles and the Power of the Scriptures
Ike Reighard
January 9, 1994

When a person reads the Scriptures, it is sometimes difficult to understand the Bible's stance on the issue of prosperity and success.

We should be contented, but not complacent. Set Goals or take no thought of tomorrow?

READ Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus told us not to worry about what we wear, eat, or where we live and to take no thought about tomorrow. Yet, on the other hand He tells us, "What man does not first consider the cost before he builds." What gives?

When we select a Scripture, we should always look ahead and see what follows or look behind and see what set the stage.

Several presuppositions:

1. God desires for His children to experience success, provided we have a proper definition of success.

2. God knows all about success and can guide us toward not only success, but significance as well. (Prayer)

3. God has endowed us with seeds of greatness and desires us to be successful. (Potential)

4. God has engineered us with principles and precepts that insure success. (Bible)

5. God desires for us to use goals as a map not a master. Never put down roots so deep that God cannot repot you.

6. God has gifted us with a supernatural honing device to give us direction. (Holy Spirit)

7. Jesus Christ is the epitome of success.

I. A universal law.
The Law of the Harvest is a universal principle found in
2 Corinthians 9:6. Thre ...

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