Sanctity of Human Life (6 of 10) by Ike Reighard

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Sanctity of Human Life (6 of 10)

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Series: The Demand of Command
Ike Reighard
February 20, 1994


On August 9 and 10, 1969, at 10050 Cielo Drive in Bel Air, California, a horrible crime took place that shocked a nation. Police who investigated the murder site stated that the horror was beyond human comprehension. One officer said, "It was unimaginable that someone could do such things to another human being." Corpses lay in the yard; the house smelled of blood and death; bodies were scattered everywhere; silence filled the air. Puddles of blood were everywhere; victims had been shot, stabbed and bludgeoned; blood was smeared over the dead bodies. One body had the word war carved on its stomach. Pig was written on the wall. One woman, Sharon Tate, a famous actress, reportedly had an unborn baby ripped from her womb.

The world wondered who could carry out such a heinous crime? Later, the world discovered that it was a man named Charles Manson and his "family." Manson actually believed he was the devil or Jesus Christ. During the trial, a young woman "family" member testified that in killing Sharon Tate and her baby, "You really have to love people to do something like that for them."

I. We are created in the image of our Father.

A. The prohibition concerning killing. This Commandment does not attempt to prohibit all killing. It prohibits murder, a premeditated act of taking another's life.
Deuteronomy 20 gives rules for war.
(If Scripture totally precluded killing, then why have rules?)
This limits what can happen in warfare.
Exodus 21:12-13 tells how murders should be handled. Anyone who killed on purpose received capital punishment. Accidental killing provided cities of refuge. Numbers 35

B. The principle. READ Genesis 9:6
Human life is sacred because humanity is made in the image of God. When we destroy what God made in His image, it ...

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