The Presentation of the Savior: From a Crib to a Cross by Ike Reighard

The Presentation of the Savior: From a Crib to a Cross
Ike Reighard


We are in a series entitled, The Supernatural Side of Christmas.
(1) The Preexistent Saviour -- "From Everlasting to Everlasting."
(2) The Proclamation of the Saviour - "From Heaven's Messengers to the Hope of Mankind." Today, The Presentation of the Saviour -- "From a Crib to a Cross."

Jesus Christ was born to die. His birth set the stage for His death and resurrection. Miracle (virgin birth) upon a miracle (timing). Any famous men born here? "No," only babies.

I. Announciation to Joseph -- Conceived as a problem.
Matthew 1:18-25
Note emphasis on virgin.
She stayed a virgin.
**Mary had stayed with Elizabeth 3 months -- 2 weeks travel both ways.
When she gets back to Nazareth her to go is bulging.

1. Betrothal -- Formal written agreement of one year to protect the man. A broken betrothal was like a divorce.
2. Presentation.
3. Wedding feast -- 2-7 days.

A. Rights of Joseph 2 options.

1. Dissolve betrothal.
He couldn't marry her. Unclean.
2. Public example. Stoning.

B. Responsibility of Joseph
4-fold message.

1. Do not be afraid to marry Mary.
2. Conception is of Holy Spirit.
3. Bear you a son and call him Jesus.
Joseph names him.
4. Fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

C. Responsiveness of Joseph.
Joseph had a lot to lose.
His business (carpenter) and reputation.
Proper Jews would shun Him

**Jesus in later ministry
"We are sons of Abraham, but we do not know whose father is this man's."
(Roman garrison town)

II. Absolute intervention -- Perceived as a plan.
Galatians 4:4
"Fullness of time."
Beginning of New Testament age -- 400 years have passed to bring fullness of time.

A. Gods.
1. Zeus, Aphrodite, and other gods are now dying.

B. Persons.
1.Greeks and Romans were looking for a Messiah.
Intellectually, they were looking for answers.

a. Epercurins -- Eat, drink and be merry. Over i ...

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