The Church At Sardis - The Curse Of Casual Christianity by Ike Reighard

November 6, 1994
A.M. Service
Revelation 3:1-6



Today, we are going to execute a spiritual autopsy on the Church
at Sardis. Sardis is the fifth church out of the seven Christ
wrote in the Book of Revelation.

The city of Sardis was one of the most noble in the ancient
empires. (**Where modern coins were introduced.) It was a part
of the kingdom of Lydia, whose most prominent king was named
Croesus (Cresus), a name synonymous with riches. The city's
history is best exemplified by a story recorded by Herodotus,
the first Greek historian.
November 6, 1994 -- AM Service
During a battle again Croesus, King Cyrus of the Medo- Persian
Empire beseiged the city of Sardis for days on end. The city
was said to be impregnable because it juttied out, like a pier
into the water, with great cliffs on either side. When Cyrus
came against Sardis, it was a mighty fortress that he must
conquer for victory. The Persian General used an entrapunural
spirit when he offered a large reward for anyone devising a way
to storm this stronghold. A Mandrian soldier named Hyeroeades
(Hirodees) began to study the structure by observing it daily.
One day a Lydian soldier dropped his helmet over the battlement
and watched it fall to the bottom of the cliff. The Lydian
soldier, not noticing the spying eyes, made his way down a
hidden path and retrieved his helmet.Using this knowledge, the
Mandrian soldier went with a hand-picked "SWAT" team during the
night and with no opposition whatsoever, strategically
positioned themse ...

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