The Church At Pergamum ''THE Art Of Compromise by Ike Reighard

October 23, 1994
P.M. Service
Revelation 2



As I mentioned this morning, Pergamum was the cultural leader in
all of Asia Minor.

The famous Library of Pergamum had 200,000 parchment rolls in
this massive library. There is a marvelous story of how
Pergamum came to have a special role in developing "parchment"
for writing material. The name parchment comes from the town of
Pergamum and is the process of using animal skins for writing
October 23, 1994 -- PM Service
The people were forced to learn this process because the Greek
king of Pergamum tried to get the librarian Aristophenes from
Alexandria to come and run his library. Ptolemy, the Greek king
of Egypt, placed Aristophenes behind bars to stop his leaving.
Then Ptolemy continued his revenge by prohibiting the export of
papyrus to Asia Minor. Papyrus was pulp from the bullrushes
that grow long the River Nice in Egypt. It was the only
material on which you could write and produce books. When King
Potelmy prohibited its export to Pergamum, they had to come up
with new material to write upon. Thus, "parchment" made from
animal skins. Bless that sheepskin!

I.Doctrine of Balaam.
Compromise which brings consequence.
You go from a blessing to a curse.Compromise would bring
Separation would bring sanctification.

II.Doctrine of Nicolaitanes.
"The thing the Lord hates."

A.The name Nicolaitone.
Two Greek words.
Nike -- Victory
Laos -- People

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