The Clone Zone: The Bible And Cloning by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Genesis 1:26-28


1. If I've ever dealt with a topic that is hot, it
will be the topic I will deal with in this message.
If you don't believe me, John Cusey, Director of the
Pro-life Caucus in the House of Representatives said,
"I believe the cloning issue will be the most
contentious issue before Congress in the next ten
years." Coming from a Congressman, and with the state
of politics as they are today, it doesn't get any
hotter than that.

2. On June 26, 2000, scientist Francis Collins and J.
Craig Venter joined Bill Clinton at the White House
for the stunning announcement that researchers had
mount 90% of the genes on the human genome which
contains the code for all of our inherited
characteristics. Bill Clinton said at the time:
"Today we are learning the language in which God
created life."

3. We are now racing at breakneck speed attempting to
speak and understand that language. A brand new
biotech vocabulary has exploded onto the scene - terms
like genetic therapy, stem cells, reproductive
cloning, etc. have now become a common part of not
just medical terminology, but coffee-cup dialogue.

4. Well, why all the interest in cloning? Why all
the effort to legalize cloning, and to make cloning a
part of our medical and scientific life? In a
nutshell it is in a story. You were once a single
cell. Every one of the 100 trillion cells in your
body today is a direct descendant of that one single
cell called a zygote, which was the cell formed by the
union of your mother's egg and your father's sperm.

5. Each one of these cells is genetically identical
to that very first cell. That means that we scraped a
cell from, say, the inner lining of your cheek, its
DNA would be the same DNA that years ago in that
original zygote contained the entire plan for creating
you and every part of you. ...

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