How To Make Heaven Happy by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Luke 15:1-10


1. For two days in October of 1987, not just a
community, not just a state, not just a nation, but
the entire world was watching with bated breath the
drama of a little girl named Jessica McClure. We all
learned all over again just how valuable the life of
one person can be, as we watched the monumental rescue
efforts that were focused on this eighteen-month-old
little girl who had dropped twenty-two feet through an
eight-inch opening in an oil pipeline at a daycare
center. For fifty-eight solid hours over two and a
half days, drilling experts, highway construction
equipment, pneumatic drills, special air vents, high
pressure hydraulic drills, an unbelievable herculean
effort were expended to rescue this one little girl.
When she was finally pulled from that hole, an entire
world cheered.

2. Now that is absolutely nothing compared to the
hallelujahs in heaven that are heard when one person
comes to Jesus Christ! Did you know that in all of
the Bible we are told that the one thing that makes
heaven happy is when one sinner comes to Jesus?

3. Have you ever thought of how you could make heaven
happy? Let's be very honest. Most of the time we
want heaven to make us happy. Probably the number one
prayer prayed to God since the beginning of time is
this one: "Bless me Lord." The prayer can be said in
so many different ways: "Bless my family;" "Bless my
children;" "Bless my business;" "Bless my marriage;"
but basically we are all saying the same thing -
"Lord, make me happy."

4. Well, the best way for you to be happy is to make
heaven happy. The Lord Jesus told a parable that some
call, "God's lost and found department" that describes
what makes heaven happy and how we can make heaven

I. Realize That People
Without Christ Are Lost

1. Now to understand this parable, you hav ...

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