God's Way Or The Highway (2 of 4) by James Merritt

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Dr. James Merritt
Matthew 7:13-14


1. One of America's best-known theologians tells the
story of how he was talking to his five- year-old son,
and he asked him two questions. First of all, he
said, "Are you sure that when you die you will go to
heaven?" The little boy said, "Yes, Daddy, I am." He
then asked him the second question. "If you were to
die tonight and God said to you, 'Why should I let you
into my Heaven?' what would you answer?" His little
boy didn't hesitate. He said immediately, "Because
I'm dead."

2. Now believe it or not, that is exactly what most
people think is necessary to get into Heaven.
According to researcher, George Barna, when Americans
were asked this question: "When you die you will not
go to heaven?"--only two out of a hundred agreed. In
other words, 98% of Americans believe that when they
die they are going to Heaven. (1)

3. I believe that most people either don't understand
what the Bible says about going to heaven, or they
don't believe it. They're like some people I heard
about one time who were anxious to go overseas to be
missionaries. But in order to get into this
particular country, they needed their visas and they
didn't have them. They waited for months and months
for their visas and finally asked a Christian family
if they would pray that God would give them their
visas. The eight-year-old boy of this family went up
to his daddy and said, "What is it they need to get
into this country?" He said, "They need their visa."
The little boy said, "Why don't they try MasterCard?"

4. Well you do have to have a visa to get into
Heaven, and his name is Jesus. But most people don't
have this visa, and they're not going to get in. That
sounds very intolerant, but I am just repeating what
Jesus said when He made one of the most politically
incorrect statements in the history of the w ...

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