Why You Should Be Afraid Of Sin (6 of 6) by James Merritt

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Dr. James Merritt
Numbers 32:23

1. I was fascinated to read recently about the
boomerang. A boomerang is like two spinning airplane
wings joined in the middle. It weighs about 12
ounces, it is somewhere between 12 and 30 inches long,
and it is an incredible aerodynamic marvel to behold.

2. When an expert throws a boomerang, it is released
practically vertical to the ground. But because it is
spinning so rapidly (typically about 10 revolutions
per second) with the top blade moving through the air
faster than the lower blade, there is more lift at the
top, which therefore causes the boomerang to begin to
turn over like a gyroscope.

3. Eventually it becomes almost horizontal which
changes the boomerang's plane of rotation, and causes
it to travel around an arc right back to the thrower.

4. If you throw the boomerang downward or parallel to
the ground, it will reach a height of over 50 feet.
You can even throw it so that one end strikes the
ground, and it will ricochet into the air at terrific
speed, spinning end-over-end until once again it
becomes horizontal and completes a circle of about 50

5. Now as I read about that, it hit me that sin is
Satan's boomerang. You can throw it long, far, high,
and hard. It might even go out of sight, but it will
always come back to you.

6. Veteran gamblers have an old saying, "There's no
such thing as a sure thing." But if the Bible is the
word of God, and therefore true, then according to
this text there is one thing which is so sure that you
can bet your life on it. You can be "sure your sin
will find you out." You cannot sin and get away with
it. No one ever has, no one ever will.

7. Now this verse does not say, "Be sure that others
will find out your sin." It doesn't even say, "Be
sure that you will find out your own sin." It says,
"Be sure your sin will f ...

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