Why You Should Study The Bible (3 of 6) by James Merritt

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Dr. James Merritt
Psalm 119:105

1. The Bible is the book that is owned by more people
in America than any other single book. But what do
Bible owners really know about the Bible?

82% say the idea that "God helps those who help
themselves" is taken directly from the pages of the
66% say there is no absolute truth.
63% cannot name the four gospels.
58% cannot name half or more of the Ten Commandments.
58% do not know Jesus preached the Sermon on the
52% do not know the book of Jonah is in the Bible.
48% do not know the book of Thomas is not in the
39% do not know Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
30% do not know there were twelve apostles.1

2. It reminds me of a Sunday School teacher who was
talking to a class of young boys. She said, "Who
went into the lion's den and came out unhurt?" One
little boy blurted out Tarzan!"

3. Far too many people, including Christians, have
the Bible in their homes, but not in their hearts.
That is a tragedy. The psalmist tells us in this
tremendous chapter in v.162, "I rejoice at Your word
as one who finds great treasure." He called God's
word a treasure chest filled with jewels of joy for
the one who will mine its riches.

4. As you know, Psalms is a Hebrew hymnbook. It is a
book of songs. Psalm 119 is the longest song of all.
The Bible is a book filled with chapter. Psalm 119 is
by far the longest chapter in the Bible with 176
verses, and the entire chapter is about one thing—the
word of God.

5. I want you to see in just a portion of this
tremendous chapter, three key reasons that will
answer the question as to why we should study the

I. We Need The Bible To Guide Us

1. "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light
to my path." (v.105) Now we are told that the book
that is a lamp and a light is "Your word." He is
talking about God's word. I have told you before that
men wrote this Bible, but God authored the Bible. 2
Peter 1:21 tells us, "for prophecy never came by the
will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were
moved by the Holy Spirit."

2. I am holding in my hand not only a book of
miracles, but a miracle book. Did you know that the
Bible's name actually means "Book of books?" It is
not only one book; it is 66 books in one, 66 love
letters from God to you and to me. Now the diversity
is amazing. These 66 books were written by 40
different authors; living on several different
continents; in the nations of Palestine, Babylon,
Greece, Rome, Asia Minor, and perhaps Arabia. They
wrote in three different languages: Hebrew, Greek, and
Aramaic. They were separated in time by 16 centuries,
and yet the Bible tells the same story from beginning
to end.

3. Think about it. The Bible begins in a
garden—in paradise. There we find the tree of the
knowledge of good and ...

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