Team Work Is Dream Work by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Psalm 133


1. What I want to talk to you about today is something that God
desperately desires for his people. It is one thing that Satan fears
and works day and night to undo. It is something for which Jesus
himself prayed for just before He went to the cross. It is the one
thing the bible says that will convince people that the church has
something the world does not. It is the one thing that the baptism
of the Holy Spirit is meant to accomplish. What is it that I am
talking about?--UNITY.

2. Now when I speak about unity, let me make it plain that I'm not
talking about union. Union is when you are bonded with someone
with whom you may not have a common bond. I am not talking
about uniformity; that is when everyone looks alike and thinks alike.

3. I am not speaking of unanimity; which is where everybody ought
to always agree on everything. Contrary to what you may think, I
do not expect neither uniformity nor unanimity always in this
church. But what I do want, what God desires and what we must
have, is unity. By unity, I mean a oneness of heart, a similarity of
purpose, and an agreement on truth.

4. When our founding fathers signed the Declaration of
Independence, Benjamin Franklin stood up and said, "Gentlemen,
now we must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang

5. I believe Satan's strategy to defeat the church, is to "divide and
conquer." The devil is no match for a united church no matter how
small that church may be. But regardless of how large a church is,
how many members it has, how big the budget is, how many
buildings it has, it can be defeated member by member. Satan's
motive is division. Satan's method is deception. Satan's mission is
destruction. He wants to deceive us so that he might divide us and,
therefore, destroy us.

6. You see Satan cannot defeat a united church because there is
no place where he can attack the body. Every plank is covered.
Every side is protected. Even the gates of hell cannot prevail
against a church united in the Lord Jesus Christ. But, one by one,
divided against each other, any of us and all of us can be picked off
by his fiery darts.

7. Asallust once said, "By unity the smallest states thrive; by
discord the greatest are destroyed." Our national motto is e
pluribus unum, which means "out of the many, one." Again, our
founding fathers knew that we must forever be "The United States
of America."

8. I read about a man one time who went out on a boat deep-sea
fishing who couldn't swim. He caught an enormous fish, and in his
excitement to pull it into the boat, he fell overboard. He cried out,
"Save me, I cannot swim!" Well, the captain of the boat very calmly
reached out, grabbed the man by the arm, and gave a big pull; but
he didn't know it was an artificial arm, and the arm came ...

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