What To Remember When You're Having A Bad Hair Day by James Merritt

Dr. James Merritt
Romans 8:28


1. I read a story once about a man that was walking along a
mountain road, and he saw an Indian lying in the middle of the road
with his ear pressed to the ground. As he got close to the Indian,
he heard this Indian talking in broken English.

2. He leaned over to hear what he was saying, and the Indian was
mumbling these words: "Truck, Chevy truck, Chevy pick-up truck,
large tires, man driving, German Shepherd in front seat, loaded
with firewood, California license plate, UBH123."

3. Well, to say the least, this man was astounded. He looked at
that Indian and said, "That is unbelievable. You mean you can tell
all of that just by listening to the ground?" The Indian said, "No,
truck ran over me thirty minutes ago."

4. Now when you think about it, life is a lot like that. We don't
always see what is coming, and when it does, sometimes it runs
right over us. What is even worse is that no matter how hard you
try, you can't keep from having a bad hair day. You can plan,
scheme, prepare, do all you know to do to keep from having those
days, but they are going to come just the same.

5. Did you hear about the train that was going through a town, but
it was not scheduled to stop? There was a very short passenger on
that train who wanted to get off, because if he did not he would
have to pay $100 for a taxi to bring him back to the town.

6. Well, the man sitting in the seat next to him had a brilliant idea.
He said, "Look, the train always slows down to pick up a mailbag.
When it slows down I'll hold you out the window. When I drop you,
you start running so you won't fall on your face; and simply run to a

7. Well, the train did slow down, and the man took his little friend,
put him out the window and dropped him. The man was running
along the platform waving at him, t ...

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