The King Is Coming (15 of 39) by James Merritt

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The King Is Coming (15 of 39)
Series: Behold the Lamb
James Merritt
Revelation 5:1-14


1. Though you may not be aware of it, the Bible, when originally written, did not have chapter divisions, these were added later on for our convenience in studying the biblical texts. Actually there should not be a division between chapters 4 and 5. For chapter 5 is simply a continuation of the worship scene in heaven that is given in chapter 4.

2. But chapter 5 constitutes what may be the most important chapter in the entire book of revelation. If you have ever buttoned a sweater and put the wrong button in the wrong hole, you know that you are either going to have one too many holes, or one too many buttons. It is important to get it right from the beginning. The same thing is true as we interpret this chapter, for this chapter contains the key to properly understanding the rest of the book. If we misunderstand what is taking place in this chapter we will misunderstand the rest of the book of the revelation.

3. In v.1 we are told about a scroll. Now this scroll happens to be the most important document in all of history. The constitution of the United States and the declaration of independence, as important as they are, pale in significance to the contents of this scroll. So I begin by saying at the outset, that this scroll represents the title deed to all of the earth.

4. We are given an example of what this scroll refers to in Jeremiah 32:6-15. God had revealed to Jeremiah that Jerusalem was going to be overthrown by the king of Babylon. Jeremiah had a cousin named Hanameel who owned a piece of property. God told Jeremiah to buy this property from his cousin as a sign that one day God's people would be returned to their land. When Jeremiah bought the property the title deed was given over to him and it was sealed up in a scroll. This scroll was to be a future title deed to this piece of property.

5. The scroll that John sees in this chapter is the title deed to all of the earth. God intended for his people to inhabit this earth, and to be in control of it. But Satan has usurped man's throne. He took it from the first Adam and now exercises dominion over it. This scroll is the official document that will determine the final outcome of human story.

6. Now the focal point of this scene shifts from the throne, in chapter 4, to the lamb in chapter 5. Jesus is referred to as the lamb only twice in the Old Testament (isa. 53:7; Jere. 11:19). He is referred to as the lamb only twice in the gospels (John 1:29,36). Only once in the book of acts (acts 8:32) and only once in the epistles (1 pet. 1:19) is Jesus referred to as the lamb. But four times in this chapter and 28 times in the book of the revelation, Jesus is called the lamb.

i. The preeminence of the lamb

1. Immediately we are presented with a very strange scene. An angel comes forth asking, ''who is worthy to open the scroll and to loose its seals?'' (v.2) his questi ...

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