The Life worth Living (8 of 10) by James Merritt

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The Life worth Living (8 of 10)
James Merritt
Philippians 4:4-7


1. Many people ask is life really worth living? More and more people are beginning to answer that question with a resounding no. There are more suicides in America than there are murders. M\ore people are killing themselves than are killing others. Psychiatrists tell us that there are at least 12 million people in America who are in such deep depression they have lost all desire to live.

2. Ernest Hemingway, the author who committed suicide, said 'life is just a dirty trick. A short trip from nothingness to nothingness. There is no remedy for anything in life, man's destiny in the universe is like a colony of ants living on the end of a burning log.11 h. G. Wells, a brilliant man, said this: 'unless there is a more abundant life before mankind this scheme of space and time is a bad joke, an empty laugh braying across the mystery the philosopher, schoepenhauer said this: ''life is,, a curse of endless craving and endless unhappiness, someone else has put it this way:

A crust of bread and a corner to sleep in a minute to smile and an hour to weep in a pint of joy and a peck of trouble and never a laugh but the moan comes double and this is life

3. Many people are like that shipwrecked sailor 1 read about who had spent 3 years on a deserted island and was overjoyed one day to see a ship drop anchor in the bay. A small boat came ashore and an officer handed this shipwrecked sailor some newspapers. This officer said., ''the captain suggests that you read what is going on in the world and then let us know if you want to be rescued.'' so , any 2 people see suicide and death as a rescue from this thing called life.

4. What a tragedy. Jesus said in john 10:10, ''I have come that you fright have life and have it more abundantly.'' now I am speaking on the life worth living. For not just any life is-worth living the only life worth living is the life lived in through for and by the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul wac living that kind of life. As you read these words you can feel the pulse beat of his heart. He was excited. He was enthused,. He was effervescent, bubbling over with the joy of Jesus for Paul life was not an existence to be endured. It was an 0/event to be enjoyed.

I. The requirements of this life-verses 4-6

Three ingredients are always found in the life worth living:

A. Praise-verse 4

1. Praise ought to be the beat of our heart. Joy ought to be the breath in our lungs. It is amazing how many Christians walk around as if they were weaned on a dill pickle. Vance havner said, ''I have seen more cheerful faces on iodine bottles than on some Christians.'' friend, if Jesus is in your heart, joy should be on your face.

Sinew and blood are a thin veil of lace' chat you wear in your heart you wear on your face,

As the old country farmer put it:,, ''what's down in the well, comes up in the bucket.

2. Billy sunday said, ''If you have no joy in, ...

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