A Look at Love by James Merritt

A Look at Love
James Merritt
1 John 4:7-21


1. Love-just think about that word. That one word can make a heart flutter uncontrollably. It can make the toughest man blush. It can make a grown man cry and women jump for joy.

2. The world is almost obsessed with this thing called love. The world sings about it, ''What the world needs now is love sweet love.'' Or, ''You're nobody till somebody love you.'' ''It's love that makes the world go around.''

3. We have an insatiable desire to write about it. Almost without exception, you can walk into any store and just see shelf after shelf lined with romantic novels. Love has taken over the airways. Millions of people await breathlessly from Friday till Monday to find out, ''Will John get Mary, or will Mary forsake John for Luke. Or, will Luke go after Sally before Mary can forsake John for Luke.''

4. Psychiatrists say that three of the greatest needs of a human being are: The need to be wanted, the need to be needed, and the need to be loved. We talk so much about love and yet we know so little about it. About two hundred years ago one of our well known encyclopedias discussed the word ''Adam'' with the use of only five lines. But five pages were devoted to a discussion of ''love.'' In a recent edition of the same encyclopedia, five pages were given to the word ''Adam'' but the word ''love'' was omitted.

5. The Bible is God's love letter to man. The Apostle John is the expert on love in the Bible. Paul was the apostle of faith. James was the apostle of works. Peter was the apostle of judgment. But John is the apostle of love. No one in the Bible speaks of love with more depth and detail than does the Apostle John. So in this message we are going to take a look at love through the eyes of this sainted apostle.

I. Love's Sure Evidence (vv. 7-8)

1. Love is the thermometer that can take your spiritual temperature. If you were put on trial for being a Christian, love is the one incontrovertible witness that would convict you of being saved. You see love can prove two things about you:

A. You Are In The Family of God (v.7)

1. One surefire mark that a man is a child of God is love. God's children are loving children. When I was born into this world I took on the nature of my parents. When I was born into the spiritual world, I took on the nature of God. The Bible says in II Peter 1:4 that we ''became partakers of the divine nature.'' When I was born physically, I took on my father's nature and acted naturally. But when I was born spiritually, I took on God's nature and acted supernaturally.

2. What is God's nature? God's nature is love, for ''God is love.'' Now that is not to say that love is God. You cannot reverse that statement. Someone has put it this way: ''Love does not define God, but God defines love.'' That is, all that God is and does is motivated by love. God created this world purely out of a motive of love. God created you and me just so he could l ...

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