God: The Answer to Every Question by James Merritt

God: The Answer to Every Question
James Merritt
Genesis 1:1


1. I read a fictitious story about a group of engineers, geologists, chemists, and scientists, who came together to try to answer the question, "Where did the universe come from?" They spent years compiling information, checking it and re-checking it. They fed all of their data into a gigantic super computer.

2. The magic moment came when they had fed all of their knowledge, theories, and hypothesis and research into that computer, and they asked it the question, "Where did the universe come from?" Everybody gathered around; there was a holy hush in the laboratory. A button was punched, lights flashed, bells rang, relays opened and closed, and finally a typed message emerged: See Genesis 1:1.

3. There are 66 books in the Bible. Genesis is the foundation upon which the rest of the Bible sits. There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible, and Genesis chapter one is the foundation for all of the other chapters. There are 23,214 verses in the Old Testament alone. Genesis 1:1 is the foundation of all of the other verses.

4. Genesis is the front door to the rest of the Bible. Genesis 1 is the knob that turns the door. But Genesis 1:1 is the key that unlocks the doorknob.

5. This first verse, made up of ten words, is sublimely simple and simply sublime. In ten short simple succinct, but sublime words, we are told the when, who, how, and what of all things.

6. "In the beginning" - that's the when! "God" - that's the who! "Created" - that's the how! "The heavens and the earth" - that's the what! The rest of the Bible is given to WHY!

7. The first verse gives us the theology of creation. The rest of the chapter provides us with the chronology of creation. We are told at the very beginning that God created all things, from electrons to electricity, from gold to galaxies, from dandelions to dinosaurs, and from apples to Adam.

8. This is vitally important because if Genesis 1:1 is true, then God truly is the answer to every question of life that really matters. Indeed I can confidently say you will never have life's greatest questions answered correctly until you grasp the truth of what may be the best known verse in all of the Bible. Because if this universe is without a maker, and without a method, then it must be without a meaning. But you will see that it is God who is both the Maker of all that there is, and the meaning of all that there is. There is an ocean of truth about both the Creator and the creation in this verse that can overflow the little teacups of our minds. There are four profound truths we can learn glean from this one simple verse.

I. The Eternal Presence Of God

1. Just the first four words boggle the human mind, "in the beginning God." Now immediately we are told two things about God:

A. God Transcends Time

1. The word Genesis literally means "beginning. ...

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