A Mirror Of America by James Merritt

A Mirror Of America
James Merritt
Proverbs 30:11-14


1. One of those frequently asked Bible questions is, ''Is America in Bible Prophecy?'' Practically all orthodox Bible scholars agree that the answer emphatically is no, and I agree with that answer. But I also want to say loudly and clearly that I do believe America is in the Bible.

2. Now don't misunderstand. I do not believe that America is prophesied in the Bible. But I do believe that America is pictured in the Bible. I believe we have in this passage before us ''a mirror of America.''

3. We are told in v.1 that this entire chapter is an ''utterance'' of Agur. The word utterance there has two meanings: it means prophecy and it also means burden. That is exactly what it was. This was a prophecy to Agur that became a burden for Agur.

4. God opened the windows of time and allowed Agur to look down the corridor of the future. He saw the characteristics of a generation on its last legs; the picture of a generation with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel; the picture of a generation that was prosperous on the outside, but putrid on the inside.

5. When I look at America I do not fear that she will be conquered from without. My fear is that she will rot from within. Toward the end of his life Thomas Jefferson said, ''Yes, we did produce a near perfect republic, but will we keep it. Or, will we in the enjoyment of plenty lose the memory of freedom. Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction.''

6. Historians have discovered a seven-step sequence of events which led to the collapse of the Roman Empire; events which are amazingly similar to the events occurring in our nation today:

1. Strong families: Rome was founded on high moral standards. The father was respected as the head of the family and had legal authority to discipline rebellious members of his family.

2. Home Education: The education of the children was the responsibility of the parents, which strengthened the children's honor and respect for the parents and deepened the communication between parents and children.

3. Prosperity: Strong Roman families produced a strong nation. The Roman armies were always victorious in their wars.

4. National Achievements: Great building programs took place throughout the empire. A vast network of roads united the empire. Magnificent palaces, public buildings and coliseums were constructed.

5. Infiltration of ''the lie'': The lie is found in Genesis 3:5, ''You shall be like God, knowing and deciding for yourselves good and evil.'' As families prospered it became fashionable to hire educated Greeks to care for the children. Greek philosophy with its humanistic and godless base, was soon passed on to the Roman families. Women demanded more rights, and in order to accommodate them, new marriage contracts were designed including ''open marriages.''

6. Big Government: By the First Century AD the father had l ...

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