Truth That Will Last (5 of 7) by Johnny Hunt

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Johnny Hunt
II PETER 1:12-15
November 17, 2002

INTRODUCTION: Psychologists tell us that man never
really forgets anything, that all he has learned is
stored away somewhere in his mind. The problem,
however, seems to be in the recalling process, in
being able to reproduce any one of those millions of
accumulated impressions at a given instant. These
times in verses 12-15 of the first chapter of II
Peter, he uses the word "remembrance." He is
convinced that there are some things that must never
be lost in the storehouse of our minds, but must be
kept foremost in our thinking. These things, which
Peter has so ardently stressed in the opening verses
of the Epistle, are essentials that must be considered
and reconsidered many times if the child of God is to
grow and abound in grace and power.

The Christian life is to proclaim the truth that the
Christian knows. Peter states that during his life,
he has sought to confirm the brethren in the great
truths he had come to know.

Some people are always looking for some new truth.
Ecclesiastes 1:9, "there is nothing new under the

Adrian Rogers said, "If it is new, it is not true; and
if it is true, it is not new."

Four words describe TRUTH THAT WILL LAST:


2 Peter 1:12, "For this reason I will not be negligent
to remind you always of these things, though you know
and are established in the present truth."

This involves more than imparting new truth; it
demands constant reminding of the old. There is a
tendency on the part of those who would teach and
preach the Word of God to endeavor to keep presenting
new truth. Listeners often clamor for something
unusual or sensational.


The re-emphasis of old truth must not be neglected.
We must give repeated consideration to the fundamental
truths of the "precious faith" which we have received
in Christ.

"For th ...

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