God's Provision For Christian Growth (1 of 7) by Johnny Hunt

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Johnny Hunt
2 Peter 1:1-4
October 13, 2002

INTRODUCTION: 1 Peter was written to help
suffering Christians. 2 Peter was written to
expose false teachers. 1 Peter, ministering
especially to suffering Christians, focuses on
the inerrancy of Christ as a means of
encouraging the Christians. 2 Peter, dealing
with scoffers, emphasizes the reasons why that
imminent return of Christ has not yet
occurred. 1 Peter deals with the resurrection
of Christ, while 2 Peter deals with the
transfiguration of Christ.

2 Peter is an almost last will and testament
(1:13-15), wrote to warn the beloved believers
in Christ about the doctrinal dangers they
were facing. This letter was probably written
from a Roman jail in about 67-68 A.D., just
before the death of Nero, remembering that
Peter probably died in Nero's persecution.
(Nero died A.D. 68). Therefore, 2 Peter was
written for the purpose of exposing,
thwarting, and defeating the invasion of false
teachers into the church. It has been said
that 2 Peter stands second only to Jude in
being so graphic in exposing false teachers.
Warren Wiersbe said, "the best way to detect
falsehood is to understand the characteristics
of the truth."

In a general characterization of false
teachers, Peter informs that they:

1. Teach destructive heresies
2. They deny Christ and twist the Scriptures
3. They bring true faith into disrepute
4. They mock the Second Coming of Christ
5. They display immoral character

As a result, Peter describes them in more
detail, then he describes their doctrines.
Wickedness is not the product of sound
doctrine, but of destructive heresies. (2:1)
Peter moves in his message to motivate his
readers to continue to develop their Christian
character. (1:5-11) He explains wonderfully
how a believer can have assurance of his
salvation, as well as what has robbed
believers of their certai ...

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