The Victory of Humility (5 of 8) by Johnny Hunt

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The Victory of Humility (5 of 8)
Johnny Hunt
1 Peter 5:6-7

INTRODUCTION: The Apostle Peter, humbled and restored, now urges believers to ''cast their cares on Christ.'' There was a time that his exertion of pride had cast him down, but now in humility, the Lord had lifted him up. As I read this text a major questions comes to mind, ''Was there ever a morning that the crowing of the rooster did not remind Peter of his pride and his need for humility?'' God has a way of working in our lives for our good and His glory. Only the writer Luke records Peter's memorable events with preciseness. After Peter's denial of knowing Christ, Luke 22:61 says, ''The Lord turned and looked at Peter.'' The verb suggests an intent, fixed look. ''Then Peter remembered the word of the Lord.'' The word he remembered states a major biblical truth. ''The Lord Jesus knows us and our needs better than we do; and might I add our weaknesses.''

These verses contain what I choose to call the principles necessary for VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN LIVING.

Verses 5-7 magnify submitting, humbling, and trusting.



''Therefore'' - the Almighty, as it were, declares war on the proud. ''Proud'' - elevate themselves
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