Special Touch For Specific Task (2 of 6) by Johnny Hunt

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Johnny Hunt
1 Peter 2:5
January 6, 2002

The doctrine "Priesthood of the Believer" is more
concerned with responsibility than with privilege. It
is true that the Old Testament high priest of Israel
alone had the privilege of entering the Holy of
Holies, but the ominous and awesome nature of the act
is evident when one begins to observe the strident
limitations placed upon that high priest as to the
clothing, time of entrance, frequency of entrance, and
method of entrance.

Christians today are a holy priesthood. This means
that he is a man who himself has access to God and
whose task it is to bring others to Him. Through
Jesus Christ, the new and living way, access to God
becomes the privilege of every Christian. The Latin
word for priest (pontifax) means bridge-builder; the
priest is the man who builds a bridge for others to
come to God; and the Christian has the duty and the
privilege of bringing others to the Savior whom he
himself has found and loves.

Also, the priest is the man who brings an offering to
God. The Christian also must continuously bring his
offerings to God. Under the old dispensation the
offerings brought were animal sacrifices; but the
sacrifices of the Christian are SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES.
He makes his SERVICE an offering to God. Everything
is done for God. The Christian makes his worship an
offering to God; and so the worship of God's house
becomes, not a burden, but a joy. The Christian makes
himself an offering to God. "Present your bodies,"
said Paul, "as a living sacrifice to God." (Romans

What God desires most of all is the love of our hearts
and the services of our lives. That is the perfect
sacrifice which every Christian must make.

The function of the Church is to "tell forth the
excellencies of God." v 9 That is to say, it is to
witness to men concerning the mighty acts of God. By
his very lif ...

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