What To Remember When You Need To Remember (1 Of 19) by Johnny Hunt

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Johnny Hunt
Philippians 1:1-6
May 23, 1999

INTRODUCTION: Paul wrote to express his heart-felt thanks to the
Philippians for their gracious support of his missionary efforts. Paul
is writing from Rome in 61 or 62 A.D. during his two years of
imprisonment recorded by Luke in
Acts 28:30-31. Paul had founded the church in Philippi on his
second missionary journey.

Paul writes a letter full of thankfulness, but also joyfulness. On 19
different occasions in these four chapters he mentions joy,
rejoicing, or gladness. The church at Philippi is experiencing life's
challenges, however, Paul reminds them that circumstances do not
have to control them.

The church at Philippi was the first N.T. church founded by Paul in
Europe. His desire was to go into Asia and preach but the Holy
Spirit would not permit it (Acts 16:8). It was in this context that God
gave Paul the vision to go to Macedonia and help them. The very
remembrance of all God had done there overwhelmed him with joy.

Paul had no memory which did not bring a response of thanks from
his heart to God. Seeing these people accept Jesus Christ as
personal Lord and Savior had more than compensated for what
Paul had endured to get the gospel to them.




Paul is a veteran missionary statesman while Timothy was just a
novice beginning to preach, yet note Paul shows no distinction
whatsoever; co-slaves.


"bondservants" -- means one bound to another. The servitude
expressed here is a voluntary act of complete surrender to one's
master on the grounds of love.

Because of God's grace in implanting new life in the believer's
heart, the follower of Christ should be willing to surrender all his
rights and privileges to the Father's will.

In Ps. 40:8, David said, "I delight to do thy will, O God."

The happiest person in th ...

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