A Better Home A New Priesthood by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

Heb. 7:11-22
Dec. 14, 1997

INTRODUCTION: Throughout the book of Hebrews, the
writer constantly reminds his readers that the purpose of
religion and the Jewish system of worship was to bring men
to God. If man perfectly obeyed the law, he would be in
fellowship with God. in Heb. 7:11-22, he refers specifically to
the law of the priesthood as it relates to this matter. He is not
referring to all the O.T. laws or the Jewish sacrificial system,
although all of that is involved. He is concerned particularly
with the old law of the priesthood that said a priest was to be a
certain tribe and have certain physical characteristics. Hebrews
points out the failures of that law of the priesthood. The writer
argued that the order of Malchizedek was greater than the order
of Aaron and Levi. Why would God effect such a radical

It is the imperfections of the Levitical system that the Holy
Spirit points out in this present passage. He shows that since it
is imperfect, it has to be superseded. He shows the
imperfection of the old priesthood, then the perfection of the

I. THE PROBLEM WITH THE LAW. 11-12, 18-19a


Had the law done what it was intended to do, there
would be no need for another priest.

Heb. 7:18, “For there is verily an annulling of the
commandment going before for the weakness and
unprofitableness of it.”

Heb. 8:7, “For if that first covenant had been
faultless, then should no place have been sought
for the second.”

God did not make the new because the old was bad,
but because it was imperfect and temporary. The
Mosaic Covenant was a very good covenant, a God-
given, God-ordained covenant that served its

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