Trust And Obey by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

Heb. 11:7
June 14, 1998

INTRODUCTION: Noah stands as a great example in
believing God and in believing God’s warning of coming
judgment. In order for faith to be valid, it must visibly radiate
itself in good deeds. If you really believe in God, there will be
evidence of it in the way you live, in the things you say, and in
the things you do. James 2:26, “Faith without works is
dead.” Noah displayed a dynamic faith. True faith always has
actions to support its claim. It’s not faith and works that saves,
but a “faith that works.”

Three persons have been mentioned thus far in Heb. 11:1-7:
Abel, Enoch, and now Noah. There is an order of priority in
these men. Abel worshiped God, Abel walked with God, and
Noah worked for God. You can’t walk or work before you
worship. Noah was a man of real faith.


“moved with fear” - reverence; genuine spiritual
devotion. He trusted the message of God with great
respect and awe; translates a “godly fear”

Gen. 6:9 teaches that Noah was a man of obedient faith,
even before God called him to build the ark.

Gen. 6:9, “This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a
just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked
with God.

He had been faithful over smaller things and now the
Lord gave him a great thing to do.

A.T. Robertson said, when Noah received the warning
from God, he moved:

- Reverently

- Wondrously: standing in awe of God and His

- Heedingly: taking heed lest one fall under God’s

- Diligently: taking God at His word

- Immediately: acting upon what God said

Noah knew of God’s punishment of Cain and he had a
cons ...

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