He Did It God's Way by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

Heb. 11:3-4
May 24, 1998

INTRODUCTION: The writer of Hebrews uses the O.T. to
prove to his hearers that God’s way has always been the way of
faith. Many people think faith is vague and unreal, a kind of
make-believe, trying to convince themselves that fairy stories
are actual truths. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Faith is a fact, and it reaches out to facts which are more solid,
more real, more substantial, and more eternal than anything
registered by our physical senses. Faith looks beyond into the
invisible realm by the Word of God. Faith acts on the basis of
what God says. Faith is believing and acting on God’s Word.
Faith is only as valid as the object in which it is placed.

It is as though the writers of Hebrews says, “Let me illustrate.”


Before we look at the “creatures” of v.4 and
following, let’s look at “creation” and determine its

A.T. Robertson, “The author denies the eternity of
matter, a common theory then and now, and places
God before the visible universe as many scientists now
gladly do.”

The writer is saying to these Jews, “You already have
faith in God as Creator of everything.” They could
not see His act of creating, but they could see His
creation. They knew and accepted this truth by faith,
not by sight.

Similar truth of John 14:1, “Let not your heart be
troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.”

Believe God and God’s Son

If His Word can govern the world, certainly it can
govern your life.

I Peter 3:7 teaches that the “world is preserved by
the same word.”

The greatest claim, and one of the hardest for an
unbeliever to accept, it that understanding of creation
comes entirely by faith.

Faith is a very practical thing. Faith enables us to
understand what God does. Faith enables us to see
what others cannot see. As a result, faith enables us to
do what o ...

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