God's Others by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt

Hebrews 11:35b-40
August 9, 1998

INTRODUCTION: The “others” in this text refer to men
and women of every day life who were not necessarily leaders,
but who had one distinctive trait: they believed God, and their
faith in God was strong. This passage pictures men and
women doing what God demanded, faith believing God to do
the impossible. It pictures faith picking itself up after a
disastrous fall to become true to death; of faith desiring God
above all earthly ties and joys.


“others” - recently we have looked at God’s unlikely,
God’s unexpected, and now we see God’s unnamed.

There is a transition in v.35 that is very important. One
group we studied praised God in their deliverances, while
these are praising Him in their death. Some escaped, while
others had to endure.


“not accepting deliverance” - God’s faithful are
willing to be beaten to death rather than compromise
their faith in Christ. They would not renounce Christ.


“tortured” - root for a kettledrum; referred to involved
stretching of the victim over a large drum-like
instrument and beating him with clubs.


“a better resurrection” - they would not sacrifice the
future on the altar of the immediate. They preferred
being put to death, because by faith they knew that one
day they would be resurrected.

EXAMPLE: Three Hebrew Boys

Daniel 3:17-18, “If that is the case, our God whom
we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery
furnace, and he will deliver us from your hand, O
king. But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that
we do not serve your gods, nor will we worship the
gold image which you have set up.”

Deliverance or death, they would not forsake their faith
in God.

QUESTION: Pastor, don’t you believe that if they had
enough faith they could h ...

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