Three Cheers For The Church by Johnny Hunt


I Thess. 1:1-4
March 5, 1995

INTRODUCTION: This book serves as one of, if not the first,
of Paul's writings. The Bible teaches that Paul visited the city
of Thessalonica on his second missionary journey. He was only
there a very brief time, however, a very significant work was

In Acts 6, we find that God led the Apostle Paul to Troas.
While there he saw a vision, in which a man standing in
Macedonia called, "Come over and help us." God spoke to Paul
through the vision, and the great apostle obediently left Troas
and went to Macedonia.

He proceeded to Philippi where his ministry didn't fulfill man's
usual idea of success. In fact, he and Silas were beaten and
cast into prison (Acts 16). When released, they moved on to
Thessalonica, one of the most important cities in all of
Macedonia. Running through the city was the Egnatian Way,
a superhighway of that day, tying the east and west together.
If we needed a church in a perfect location, it would have been

Paul experienced both tremendous success and great opposition.
The Spirit of God used Paul to "turn the town upside down," but
the spirit of Satan tore the town up trying to find him.

Paul leaves Thessalonica and moves o ...

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