Iraq, Hussein, And End Times by Johnny Hunt


Isaiah l3:l9-20, Jeremiah 49:28-33
Revelation l6:l7-2l, l9:l-6

INTRODUCTION: To better understand our crisis in the Gulf,
we need to see what the Bible has said in the past, what it has
to say about the present and also our future prospect. War in
the Middle East is nothing new, however, now that the United
States is involved, we listen and look with more concern and
interest. Many are asking, "Is this the end times?" , or "Does
America fit into Bible prophecy and if so, where?". Lets take
a look at the Past, our Present, and the Prospect.

I. REFRESH OUR PAST. (Babylon-Iraq)

Over 2,500 years ago modern day Iraq was the land of
ancient Babylon. Babylon was the city where men's
rebellion against God began. It was here that Nimrod
led mankind to build a tower known as Babel, whose top
would reach God. Babylon rose to its greatest power in
605 B.C. under the wicked leadership of King
Nebuchadnezzar. His empire stretched from sea to sea.
He led his forces to conquer Syria, Lebannon, Jordan,
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and most of all Israel.

Nebuchadnezzar requested and required that he be
worshipped. We ...

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