Motivational Gift Of: Exhortation by Johnny Hunt


Romans l2:8

INTRODUCTION: If each of the seven gifts were represented
in a family and someone dropped the dessert on the floor, here
is what each one might say:

PROPHET: "That's what happens when you're not
Motivation: To correct the problem

SERVER: "Oh, let me help you clean it up."
Motivation: To fulfill a need

TEACHER: "The reason that it fell is that it was too heavy on
one side."
Motivation: To discover why it happened

EXHORTER: "Next time, let's serve the dessert
with the meal."
Motivation: To correct the future.

GIVER: "I'll be happy to buy a new dessert."
Motivation: To give a tangible need.

RULER: "Jim, would you get the mop. Sue,
please pick it up and Mary, help me
fix another dessert."
Motivation: To achieve the immediate goal of the


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