Politically Correct But Spritually Wrong by Johnny Hunt


Eph. 22:30-31
February 26, 1995

INTRODUCTION: Moral earthquakes don't just happen; they
are preceded by secret faults which run through one's life,
leaving cracks in character which ultimately bring damaging
and often devastating results.

Recently, in the city of Dallas, Texas, the city government led
a "morality conference." The mayor was quoted in the Dallas
Morning News as saying, "Up until 30 years ago, strong moral
values were a part of our daily lives and experiences. They
were a part of everything that we did. But in the course of 30
years, we have walked away from those values and put them in
a closet. I don't know why that happened. I only know that it

There seems to be an awakening to our "moral crisis."

The American Management Association studied 5,000 people,
asking this question: "What values (personal traits or
characteristics) do you look for and admire in your superiors?"

Number 1 Honesty
Number 2 Transparency

A Carnegie Foundation study, designed to determine what
contributes most to a person's success, found that only 15% of
a person's success is determined by an individual's skills. A

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