Wise Men Don't Miss Christmas by Johnny Hunt

Wise Men Don't Miss Christmas
Johnny Hunt
Luke 2:7

INTRODUCTION: ''No Room.'' Those shameful words describe more than the inn in Bethlehem. They apply as aptly to today's world. Sadly, in all the busyness of our Christmas celebrations, most people still make no room for Jesus. Without even realizing it, they miss Christmas, just like most of the people in and around Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born.

Did you know most people miss Christmas every year? That sounds rather silly, especially in North America, where during the holidays we drown in a sea of Christmas advertising. They observe the season because culture says it's the thing to do, but the masses are utterly oblivious to the reality of what they are celebrating. So much fantasy and myth have been imposed on the holiday that people are numb to the real miracle of Christ's birth.

One thing hasn't changed since the time of Joseph and Mary; nearly everyone missed that first Christmas, too. Like people today, they were busy, consumed with all kinds of things - some important, some not - but nearly everyone missed Christ. The similarities between their world and ours are striking. Note several:


LUKE 2:7, ''No room for them in the inn.''

That statement must be one of the saddest in the entire Bible. No room in the inn! Somewhere in history there was an innkeeper who did not find it in his heart, or inn, to make room for Jesus. He missed the opportunity to be a part of the most important birth in history. Can you imagine? The Son of God would have been born on his property; but he put up the ''No vacancy'' sign and refused Jesus. The innkeeper was so industrious, so business-minded, so preoccupied, that he missed Christmas.

Luke 2:1-6 teaches that it was census time in Bethlehem, and the city was bulging with everyone whose ancestry went back to the little town. The town was crowded. The innkeeper was busy. There is no indication that ...

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