A Call To Holiness by Johnny Hunt

Johnny Hunt
I Peter l:l3-l6

INTRO. It needs to be kept in mind that those addressed in this
letter were suffering severe persecution for their faithful and
consistent testimony for Christ. Here Peter encourages them, as
the Apostle of Hope, to be aware that Christ is coming again.
The return of Christ should have a threefold effect on the
believer: it should constrain them to obey God (verse l3);
forsake sin (verse l4); and be holy (verse l5). You see, it is
only as we walk with God in a life of full commitment through
holiness, can we expect to attract a lost and perishing world to
a mighty, redeeming Savior. Through obedience, we deepen our
fellowship with God; through the forsaking of sin, we enjoy
victory in living. But it is through holiness we convince
indifferent men and women of the satisfying reality of Christ.
We act either as magnifying or diminishing glasses through which
the world sees Him. How Christ appears to the world depends
entirely upon each believer. Through the life of a devoted
believer, the world will see a magnificient Christ whose saving
power has transformed and beautified.



"gird up the loins" roll up your sleeves; a picture
of a long-flowing robe, still a familiar sight in
some Middle
Eastern countries. If it became necessary to expend
a large amount of energy in some strenous activity,
the robe would be grasped from the bottom at the back
seam, drawn between the legs, ...

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