Are You "THERE" by Johnny Hunt


I Kings 17:2-4, 9, 10
June 5, 1994

INTRODUCTION: I do not believe that the ravens would have fed
Elijah anywhere else, nor would the widow woman have appeared
anywhere else except "THERE." God did not say,
"Elijah, ramble around as you please and I will provide for
you." "THERE" was the place of God's will for Elijah - the
place of His Purpose, the place of His Power and the place of
His Provision.


You may do lovely things and become a "success," but
always there will be the haunting sense of having chosen
life's second best.

EXAMPLE: Sir Thomas Lipton, the English sportsman, won
many yachting prizes, but he never could capture the
American cup. One day, showing a friend his
collections of trophies, he suddenly said, with a wave
of the hand, "And I'd give them all for the one I didn't
get!" So, however many of earth's awards and crowns we
may gain, if we miss the reward of God's approval, the
prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, we shall
feel at the close of our day that we would gladly give
them all for the one we missed. Woodrow Wilson spoke of
"being defeated by one's secondary successes." Verily,
we are cheated when we choose our own way, whatever we
may attain in it, if we miss the purpose of God.

"THERE" is the place of blessing.

God has a Cherith and a Zarephath for you. It may be
across the street, it may be across the sea. Some sing,

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