God's Love Displayed by Johnny Hunt

I John 4:7 - 10

INTRO: Love is a valid test to our fellowship and our sonship
because "God is love". Love is part of the being and nature of
God. If we are united to God through faith in Christ, we share
His nature. And since His nature is love, love is the test of
the reality of our spiritual life.


We see a commandment to be obeyed and its basis is the nature of

A.This Love Depicts the Father. 7,8

"Love is of God" and God is love"

Love flows from Him and love finds its origination in Him. It
has been accurately said that "love does not define God, but God
defines love.

He does not say that love is God. That would mean that God is
impersonal, an abstract kind of being. But, he says, "Love is
of God", and God is love".

ILLUSTRATION: I heard about a seminary professor one time who
was quite strong on the theme of love. He had the sidewalk
paved in front of his home, and the cement was still wet. One
of the little neighbor boys got to playing around and did not
realize it was wet. He ran right through the cement and messed
up the sidewalk job. That teacher really jumped him! The next
day the boys in the class were ready for him. They said, "All
right, professor, you have been telling us that we ought to love
one another, yet look how hard you were on that boy." The
professor replied, "It is like this, I love him in the abstract
but I do not love him in ...

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