A Special Vessel For God by Johnny Hunt


II Timothy 2:20-26

July 19, 1992

INTRODUCTION: Have you ever heard someone make the statement,
"Now there's one special Christian." In this passage, the
Apostle Paul describes a "great house," which is a metaphor for
the church. In this church, Paul sees two types of vessels.
There is vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor. The vessels
of honor being gold and silver, while the vessels of dishonor
are wood and earth. The challenge of this passage is for all
vessels to be to honor. In Acts 9:15, Jesus referred to Paul as
a "chosen vessel unto me." Every Christian is a chosen vessel
unto Him. The question is, "Are we to honor or to dishonor?"

It is apparent when God has a chosen vessel. For instance, Rev.
Sam Jones, the Methodist powerhouse, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday,
or even more recent, Dr. Billy Graham. These are men that
allowed God to use them to their fullest potential as vessels
for Jesus.

If I know my heart, I desire to be a vessel unto honor, special
in the sense of obedience. These truths will point us in the
direction of receiving instruction to becoming "Special Vessels
for God":


"dishonor" - depicts the low value of
the vessels rather than the possibility
of bringing dishonor to their owners.
It is in reference to undedicated
In God's great house there are both
dedicated Christians and undedicated

Text refers to them as "wood" and
"earth." In I Cor. 3 ...

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