The Molding Of A Spiritual Leader by Johnny Hunt


II Timothy 3:l0-l5

August 2, 1992

INTRODUCTION: Paul had warned Timothy in Chapter 3:l-9 that the
last days were going to be perilous (dangerous) times. It would
be a time where there would be much pressure to compromise and
give in to evil. However, Paul knew that if Timothy was to
become a spiritual leader he would have to assimilate many
things into his life in order to survive. True makings of a
spiritual leader takes place when God, through several events,
molds you into the person He wants you to be. Note what God
uses in the life of Timothy:


God gave Timothy, Paul. What did Timothy
receive from Paul.

"But thou hast fully known" - know;
one who has traced out the events of
Paul's life; investigated. In Paul,
Timothy had found a life open for all
to see; nothing to hide.

Said of Jesus: John l8:20, "Jesus
answered him, I spoke openly to the
world; I ever taught in the synagogue,
and in the temple, where the Jews
always resort; and in secret have I
said nothing."

Said of Paul before Agrippa:
Acts 26:4, "My manner of life from my
youth, which was at the first among
mine own nation at Jerusalem, know
all the Jews."
Paul had not hidden behind extravagant
claims or religious propaganda.

"fully known" - to follow; emphatic -
"But you, you followed..."


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