Doing What's Right by Johnny Hunt


II Chronicles 24:l-l4

INTRODUCTION: Here we find the story of the Chest of Joash.
There is a picture here of the Providence of God. In this story
there is the account of a wicked Queen by the name of Athaliah
(Ath-a-li-ah) that had lost her son, the heir of the throne, and
now she determines to wipe out the royal family lest any rival
steal the throne from her. In the Providence of God, one little
boy was rescued and protected for 7 years. A godly woman
rescued the boy named Joash by hiding him until Athaliah could
be murdered in the temple. Then, at age 7, he was placed as
King of Judah. Athaliah had led the land of Judah to worship
Baal, but now King Joash, under the wise counsel of Jehoiada
would lead the people back to the house of God. However, the
house of God was now in disrepair. Now the Lord places in
Joash's heart a plan to restore the House of God. The House of
God had been neglected by their attention and their affection.
What should have been a place of joy was a place of grief.


A. A Heart That Was A Blessing To The Lord. 2

"right" - he was a man of conviction; he did not do
what was easy, expected, or expedient.

If you please God it does not matter who you
displease and if you displease God, it does not
matter who you please.

William Penn said, "What is right is right even if
everybody is against it. What is wrong is wrong
even if everyone is for it."


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