Scriptural Guidelines For Supernatural Giving by Johnny Hunt


I Chron. 29:1-20

March 22, 1992

INTRODUCTION: One of the most informative, instructional, and
inspirational passages in all of Scripture is found in the 28th
& 29th chapters of this book. David and his people were
confronted with a challenge that was similiar to the one facing
us. They needed to build the House of God; we need to build the
kingdom of God. They faced an opportunity and moment of a
lifetime and God's hand was upon them. How did they do it? How
did they raise the vast sum of money needed for building? By
calling God's people to a time of faithfulness.

DayStar Magazine, "Your World" -" According to the National &
International Religion Report, the average Mormon gives over
seven percent of his or her income to the church. That's more
than in any orthodox Christian denomination.
What's more, the wealthiest 20 percent of American Christians
give a smaller portion of their incomes to their church that the
poorest 20 percent. Those in the high income bracket give an
average of 1.6 percent of their incomes annually. Those in the
low bracket give 3.4 percent annually."

Dr. J.H. Jowett has said, "Ministry that costs nothing
accomplishes nothing." How true it is!

Dr. Roy Lauren tells of a Christian businessman traveling to
Korea. It goes like this:

"In a field by the side of the road was a young man pulling a
rude plow while an old man held the handles. The businessman
was amused and took a snapshot of the scene. "That is curious!
I suppose these people are very poor," he said to the missionary

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