The Family Of God by Johnny Hunt


Gal. 3:26-29
November 7, 1993

INTRODUCTION: Whereas Israel was compared to an irresponsible
child, under the strict discipline of the law, we today are
adult sons and take our place fully in the family of God. We
are now placed as mature sons of God.

Paul is here teaching the Galatians that the law was for the
Jews a child-leader, a code of morals to guide them until
Messiah should come. But now that Christ has come, we have been
brought to God's school of grace, "For the law was given by
Moses, but grace and truth comes by Jesus Christ." (John 1:17)

When a person was under the works of the law he soon found
himself to be under the curse and under sin. Now Paul wanted to
show the favorable position of the sinner who has been justified
by faith in Christ.

I. THE DECISION. v.26-27


Creation (versus) children


A man may become a child of God
through faith in the risen Christ
apart from ever having heard the
Ten Commandments.

"through faith" - we are saved by
grace through faith exercised toward
Christ. It is a particular faith,
that which is in Christ Jesus. The
law does not make us Christians.
Because of our failure to live by
its demands, it leads us to Christ,
who saves us by grace through faith.
When we receive Him, we become
children of God.

John 1:12, " ...

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