As We Have Opportunity by Johnny Hunt


Gal. 6:6-10
July 11, 1993

INTRODUCTION: In verses 1-5 Paul teaches on the life of the
Spirit as it pertains to our treatment of people that are
backslidden. Now, in verses 6-10, he seeks to apply the life of
the Spirit in a practical way as it pertains to the use of

Three uses of money are mentioned:

1. The support of the teacher in a Christian
congregation. v.6

2. The use of money to build up the life of
the spirit rather than to feed the flesh.

3. The spending of money to help others,
particularly Christians. v.10.

Let me introduce the seriousness of an opportunity. Verse 10,
"while we have opportunity," refers to a fixed and distinct
period of time. This passage does not refer to an occasional
opportunity. QUESTION: How many leaders, churches, cities,
generations, have missed "their" opportunity to sow and reap for
Christ? The idea of this text is, "while we have opportunity
during our life on earth." The believer's entire life is his
unique but "limited" opportunity to serve others in Jesus' name.


The teacher of the Word of God shares
spiritual treasures, and those who are
taught ought to share material treasures.
What we do with material
things is evidence of how we value
spiritual things.

Matt. 6:21, "For where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also."

This verse may very well speak to the most
violated precept ...

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