Born Of Law Or Grace? by Johnny Hunt


Gal. 4:l9-31

INTRODUCTION: Was it the law thundered from Mt. Sinai or the
Lord crucified on Mt. Calvary.

I. PAUL'S DESIRE. v.l9-20

A. Can Be Seen In His Tender Appeal. l9a.

Deep affection and emotion; He had lead them
to Christ.

B. Can Be Seen In His Travail. l9b

Intense effort and anguish

C. Can Be Seen In His Desire For Transformation l9c

"Formed" - refers to the act of giving outward
expression of one's inner nature.

"Again" - tells us that at one time He was
clearly and abundantly evident in their

D. Can Be Seen In His Testimony. 20

l. Paul wished to be present. 20a

"Now" - at this very moment

2. Paul was perplexed. 20b

"change my voice" - change to some other
means of expression; "stand in doubt" -
not to know which way to turn.


"allegory" - a narrative w/a deeper meaning
behind it; it is a spiritual truth embodied
in history; a shadow from the eternal world
cast upon the sands of time; to speak another
meaning then what the language openly states;
still a historical truth.

A. The Condition. 2l

Rather be under law than grace

B. The Contrast. 22-30 ...

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