If I Could Put Time In A Bottle by Johnny Hunt

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22
October 10, 1993


Chuck Swindoll really got my attention concerning time.

"Let's play `Let's Pretend.'" Let's pretend that your
banker phoned you last Friday and said he had some very
good news. He told you that an anonymous donor who loves
you very much has decided to deposit 86,400 pennies into
you account each morning, starting the following Monday
morning. That's $864 a day, seven days a week, fifty-two
weeks a year.

He adds, `But there's one stipulation...you must spend all
the money that same day. No balance will be carried over to
the next day. Each evening the bank must cancel whatever
sum you failed to use.'

With a big smile, you thank your banker and hang up. Over
that weekend you have time to plan. You grab a pencil and
start figuring: $864 times seven equals over $6,000 a
week... times fifty-two. That's almost $315,000 a year that
you have available to you if you're diligent to spend it
all each day. Remember, whatever you don't spend is
forfeited. So much for `Let's Pretend.'

Now let's play `Let's Get Serious.' Every morning Someone
who loves you very much deposits into your bank of time
86,400 seconds of time - which represent 1,440 minutes -
which, of course, equal twenty-four hours each day.

Now you've got to remember the same stipulation applies,
because God gives you this amount of time for you to use
each day. Nothing is ever carried over on credit to the
next day. There is no such thing as a twenty-six hour day
(though some of us wish there were). From today's dawn
until tomorrow's dawn, you have a precisely determined
amount of time. As someone has put it, `Life is like a
coin. You can spend it any way you want to, but you can
spend it only once.'

One of the most fascinating (and, I might add, frustrating)
of all subjects is this four-letter word time. It's
amazing. We all have the same amount of t ...

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