Enemies Of The Spirit-controlled Life by Johnny Hunt


Col. 2:16-23
Jan. 15, 1995

INTRODUCTION: At the church of Colosse the false teachers were
busy attempting to bring the Christians under human regulations.
Paul wanted them to see that even though some things may appear
spiritual, real spiritual life is a matter of relationship with
Christ and the heart's commitment to Him. To consider these
regulations as necessary to the Christian life would undermine
the work of Jesus. If human effort is effective, the work of
God is unnecessary.

Sometimes, we think we appear "more spiritual" as a result of
what we do or don't do, when spirituality is based on what
Christ has done. It is not the do's and don'ts.

Paul addressed three enemies in v.15-23; legalism, mysticism,
and asceticism.

I. LEGALISM. v.16-17


Human nature thrives in religious duties. Somehow,
adhering to the religious routine inflates the ego
makes a person content in his self-righteousness.

"Therefore" - reminds us that the Person and works of
Jesus Christ is the basis of our freedom.

v.14 - On the cross Jesus canceled the debt and the
dominion of the Law.

As believers, we are under grace as the rule of life,
and not under law.

Rom 6:14, "For sin shall not have dominion over you;
for ye are not under the law but under grace."

The person who judges a believer because that believer

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