The Mighty Hand Of God by Johnny Hunt

The Mighty Hand of God
Johnny Hunt
I Peter 5:5-7

INTRODUCTION: In this text we find the biblical conditions that must be met in order to experience the "mighty hand of God." We also see the insidious sin that causes God to resist us in our approach to Him. The sin of pride is one of the worst evils that confronts us.

In this text are important admonitions, if we are to glorify God. The Bible teaches that we are to submit to God and to one another.

If I am to know and experience the mighty hand of God, I must understand these 3 truths:



God resists the proud because God hates the sin of pride.

Proverbs 6:16-17a, "These six things doth the Lord hate; yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look..."

It was pride that turned Lucifer into Satan. It was pride (a desire to be like God) that led Eve to take the forbidden fruit.

"resisteth" - opposes; a military term, used of an army drawn up for battle. The imagery being that of an army lined up against an enemy. Pride calls out God's armies. God sets Himself in an army against the proud person. All that elevate themselves shall have God as their enemy.

"proud" - to show above; one who shows himself above others. Haughty or arrogant; more important than anyone else; they trust in themselves.


The only antidote to pride is the grace of God

1. Devotion Seen In Submission

"submit" - to show deference to, to respect, to revere; a voluntary submission.

"younger to elder" - not only out of respect for their ages, but also out of respect for their spiritual maturity.

a. To The Savior

b. To The Saints

"one to another" - all believers, young and old, submit to God and to each other.

We receive the grace of God when we yield ourselves to Him. The evidence of that grace is that we yield to one another.

2. Devotion Seen In Servanthood.

"be ...

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