The Throne after the Second Coming (17 of 17) by James O. Davis

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The Throne after the Second Coming (17 of 17)
Series: Sign Posts on the Road to Armageddon
Dr. James O. Davis
Revelation 20:11-15


Our text tells us about the Great White Throne judgment in a message we call, "The Throne After the Second Coming." This is the saddest and most sorrowful judgment of all. It is the frightening termination of God's holy wrath upon those who have rejected His Son. It is the time when every person who has rejected Christ as Savior will be tried before the tribunal of heaven. There will be no plea bargaining, no insanity pleas, no taking the Fifth Amendment, and no mistrials. It will be the final judgment where evidence is presented, the facts are weighed and punishment will be meted out.

There are several interesting characteristics about the Great White Throne judgment that need to be understood by both saints and sinners. The first thing I believe we need to notice is that it is a fearful sight.


A) The Seat of All Power--Verse 11 calls it "the throne," the seat of all power. It is the throne of God, a place of intensity, with no place to hide. Guilty sinners are summoned to that throne. All the foolish delusions and statements people have used for not serving God will sudden have no value as they stand before Ruler of the entire universe. It is the seat of all power, where Christ rules and reigns.

B) The Source of All Power--It is also the source of all power. The Bible says, "He that sat on it..." John sees Him and immediately recognizes Him to be the Lord Jesus. The nail prints are there, the scars, and the wound in His side. Sinful men had beaten Him, ignored Him, denied and cursed Him through the ages. They had refused to believe in Him, but now He is their judge. John 5:22 says that "...The Father judges no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son." It is Jesus with His Father at the Great White Throne judgment.

Jesus first came into the ...

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