The Tribulation and the Second Coming (12 of 17) by James O. Davis

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The Tribulation and the Second Coming (12 of 17)
Series: Sign Posts on the Road to Armageddon
Dr. James O. Davis


The following is an overall outline of the Book of Revelation. We pick up with part 3 of this message, "The Tribulation and the Second Coming."

I. The Introduction of the Book (Rev. 1:1-3)
II. The Visions of God (Rev. 1:4-20)
III. The Visions of Grace (Rev. 2:1 - 3:22)
IV. The Visions of Government (Rev. 4:1 - 20:15)
A) The Hallelujahs in Heaven (Rev. 4:1 - 5:14)
B) The Horrors on Earth (Rev. 6:1 - 20:15)
1) The seals--a world ruined by men
2) The trumpets--a world ruled by Satan
The Three Capital Cities
The Two Witnesses
The Believing Jewish Remnant
The Two Beasts
The Scene Back in Heaven
3) The vials--a World Rescued by God
The Two Babylons
The Scarlet Woman
The Antichrist
The Fallen Babylon
Events in Heaven
V. The Visions of Glory (Rev. 21:1 - 22:7)
VI. The Conclusion of the Book (Rev. 22:8-21)


Now we come to Revelation 16, which comprises the vials of God's wrath. It is interesting when you study these vials that there is a striking similarity between the judgments under all the vials, except vial number four, and the plagues poured out in Egypt in the days of Moses. For example, vial number one is the same as plague number six in Egypt--boils. Vials number two and three are the same as plague number one--blood. Vial number five is the same as plague number nine--darkness. Vial number six is the same as plague number two--frogs. Vial number seven is the same as plague number seven in Egypt--hail. This suggests that, for the most part, the events described under the vials will be literal happenings.

The purpose of the vial judgments is to break the grip of the beast on this planet. The world, under the seals ...

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